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The Wellness Workshop

I believe we are all destined to fulfill our passions, desires and intentions.
I believe that the picture we see is a minute reflection of our talents. I believe that if we only let go of our insecurities an immense power will be set free enabling us to fulfil our wildest dreams.

I believe that we are filled with love but have corked it, bottling such
an overflowing joy as the world has never seen. I believe that we are all larger than life.
I believe.

The Three Elements
  • Belief
Why we believe what we do and how to find our "Why "
  • Environment
The role of relationship, activity, rest and light on our metabolic health
  • Nutrition
The role of food as medicine and fuel on our long term health

None of the elements can function independently.
Workshop Times and Cost
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Private functions
  • Presentation time 60-90 minutes ( Max group 50 )
  • Can be extended to a full day Wellness team build. ( Max group 450)
  • Cost R7000 .00 excl travel and accommodation

For more info contact 0824639102 or click here